Our team managers use StinkBOSS all the time. 

I wish I had a StinkBOSS back in my playing days. A few of my teammates could have used it. Our team managers use StinkBOSS all the time, and say it works great on the players' shoes.
- Bill Self, University of Kansas Men's Basketball Coach


StinkBOSS is great for the team locker room. 

My players run it 24/7.
- Rodney Perry, Avila University Men's Basketball Coach


This machine is amazing! 

My daughter and I are both nurses. She has a pair of work shoes that smelled horrid from sweating. This machine literally got rid of the nasty smell and saved this pair of shoes. We were going to throw them away the smell was so bad! I was a skeptic but after using the machine, I am sold!!!
- Debbie, Nurse


My boys fight over who gets to use it first. 

I Didn't think it could handle the stink in my household with 3 boys, but the BOSS got the job done for us.
- Danielle


I'm highly impressed! 

I'm highly impressed with the user-friendly settings and professional results of the StinkBOSS. I recommend it to my patients.
- Dr. Mark Landry, DPM, Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon


Awesome product! 

My son is very active in soccer and futsal and his shoes smell horrible. To the point where we would not let his shoes in the house. After using the StinkBOSS he can now have the shoes back in the house again. Would definitely recommend this to anyone with stinky/smelly shoes. We also used them on his shinguards too. Well worth the money! 
- Anonymous


I love it! 

I can breathe again when my kids take off their shoes. And when they are done with an activity it goes straight to the StinkBOSS!
- Tami


This product works well and is super easy to use. 

We have had especially good results with putting things in the wash and the machine. 
Works fantastically on shin guards, goalie gloves and soccer cleats, as well as tennis shoes.
- Wanda