How StinkBOSS Ozone Generator Deodorizer Disinfects Shoes & Athletic Gear

Ozone Generator - Shoe Deodorizer

Why it Works

StinkBOSS® kills bacteria right at the source to stop the stink. You can't just mask it with sprays and powders-you have to kill it! And you can't just use UV light alone, it’s limited to the surface area that is exposed to the UV light. So, bacteria still exists deep in the porous layers of the material. StinkBOSS enclosed container blows out ozone through the inside of your shoes or athletic gear and the surrounding area. This allows your gear to literally “soak” in ozone air to permeate deep inside the pores of your gear’s material.  This is the best way to eradicate bacteria and viruses and eliminating the stink! 

How it Works 

StinkBOSS deodorizes by pumping ozone into the center chamber through slotted shoe forms. This allows the ozone generator to penetrate through your shoes or athletic gear. The ozone attaches to bacteria and kills them. If selected, heat is also pumped through the center forms to deodorize and aid in drying sweaty, nasty shoes and athletic gear. Air circulation keeps the ozone and heat moving throughout the container to produce disinfected, deodorized and dry shoes and athletic gear.

The control panel LED timer display shows the time limit for each cycle. The (+ or -) are time setting adjustment buttons to set the time in 1:30-hour increments for a total of 9:00 hours. During the heat or drying cycle, the “Heat Boost” icon will blink or can be turned off by pressing the no heat button. When your heat cycle is completed, the De-Stink process will begin. The “De-Stink” icon will blink during this time.

StinkBOSS Ozone


Ozone is nature’s most powerful disinfectant. Ozone is a gas made up of three oxygen atoms (O3).  It is created when lightning passes through air and breaks up oxygen molecules. Think of the StinkBOSS as a mini atmosphere. It will create the “lightning” to break up oxygen molecules and circulate the NEW ozone molecules throughout your shoes. Ozone kills any bacteria it comes in contact with, which makes it very useful for cleaning and disinfecting. When ozone lands on the cell walls of bacteria, an oxidative burst happens and makes a hole in the cell wall. As more ozone begins to create more holes, the bacterium loses its shape and blows up in a tiny explosion.

StinkBOSS deodorizer pumps ozone through its shoe formed air vents allowing your gear to literally soak in ozone air. It enables the ozone to permeate deep inside the pores of your shoes or athletic gear and the surrounding areas. This helps eradicate bacteria and viruses and eliminates odor. This is exactly why the StinkBOSS uses ozone to kill the stinky bacteria in your shoes

Heat Function

Heat is generated through the center of the shoe formed air vents to aid in the drying process. StinkBOSS generates a low level of heat (around the mid-70° range), which is just enough to dry up the sweat from your shoes and gear, but not enough to shrink or damage your shoes.