Will the StinkBOSS eliminate the stink?

Yes! Ozone actually kills bacteria, it doesn't just mask the smell. Your shoes and gear will be fresh each time you put them on!

How long does the StinkBOSS take?

How stinky is your stuff? The settings start at 30 minutes without heat and 1 hours with heat. You can increase the time in 1hour increments up to 6 hours. We recommend starting out low and working up to 6 hours if needed. Of course, if you’ve got a super stench going on, by all means start off on the max level! It could even take a couple of max cycles to kill all the funk.

What size shoe will fit in the StinkBOSS?

The StinkBOSS can accomodate any shoe that is less than 9 1/2" in total height. Will accomodate size 14 shoe.

How long does the freshness last and how often should I use the StinkBOSS?

We recommend using the StinkBOSS daily, or after each time you wear or use your gear. Our feet and other body parts generate sweat and bacteria every day, especially if you are playing hard and sweating a lot. Every time you sweat, the bacteria on your body will produce odor. So, clean up that funk as soon as possible afterwards.

How often should I use StinkBOSS to keep shoes from smelling?

In general, a full six hour cycle the first time a pair of shoes is deodorized and then shorter cycles (approximately 2 hours) thereafter as needed. Once or twice per week should be sufficient after that to keep shoes and gear fresh.

Will the heat shrink or damage my shoes?

No way! The StinkBOSS generates a low level of heat (around the mid-70° range), which is just enough to dry up the sweat from your shoes and gear, but not enough to shrink or damage your shoes.

Can I use the StinkBOSS with other stinky items, like my __________?

Yes! Any sweaty, stinky gear that fits loosely over the air vents can be used in the StinkBOSS, like knee pads, boxing gloves, bike helmet, shin guards, batting gloves, hiking boots, etc. We even had a co-worker bring in his boxing gloves to put the StinkBOSS to the test. And success! The StinkBOSS helped these gloves go from funk to fresh! It is important that your gear fits loosely over the air vents to allow the air and ozone to properly circulate. If something fits too tightly over the air vents, there may not be enough space for the ozone to reach the bacteria inside.

Is there anything dangerous about the StinkBOSS?

As with anything else, ozone can be used incorrectly or in unsafe amounts. However, the ozone generated in the StinkBOSS complies with UL Standard No. 867, which regulates household use of ozone. Be sure to close the lid while operating, and follow the user manual.

If I leave the lid open, will it clean my room?

No. The StinkBOSS lid must be closed to safely and accurately function.

Does the StinkBOSS have a scent?

The StinkBOSS creates ozone, which kills bacteria. Ozone has a very distinct scent, which might remind you of the fresh, clean smell of a lightning storm or a chlorinated pool.

Where else is ozone being used?

Ozone is used in many different industries to kill bacteria. These include food processing, wine making, hotels, hospitals, furniture, automobiles, daycares and nurseries, aquaculture, and laundry facilities. Ozone provides many economic, microbiological and environmental benefits.

Will the StinkBOSS clean my shoes?

No. If you put them in muddy, they’ll come out muddy. StinkBOSS is not a cleaner; it’s a bacteria buster.

My pet stinks. Can I put him in the StinkBOSS?

No! DO NOT put any living things in the StinkBOSS! If your pet, brother or teammate smells that bad, it’s time for a SHOWER!

How big are the shoe horns inside the StinkBOSS?

The shoe horns are about 2.5" wide and 4.75" long.