Athletic Gear & Shoe Deodorizer Machine

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StinkBOSS® is a multipurpose machine designed to dry, sanitize and deodorize shoes and athletic gear. Superior to other deodorizing methods StinkBOSS eradicates bacteria! StinkBOSS blows ozone and heat through the inside of your shoes or athletic gear to truly kill bacteria and eliminate stink. StinkBOSS is easy to use. Simply place your smelly items inside the StinkBOSS, close the lid, select your setting and walk away. StinkBOSS kills bacteria and eliminates odor in, as quickly as, 90 minutes.  

No replacement filters or added equipment needed. Cycle times form 30 minutes to 6 hours. Features a 1 year limited warranty. The easy to use StinkBOSS can be used by adults and kids as well.

Instructions: StinkBOSS comes with a quick start guide and safety tips to make it easy to use.

How to use the StinkBOSS

  • Plug StinkBOSS into an electrical outlet and turn on the power switch located on the back of the machine.
  • Open lid and place shoes or gear over the shoe-formed air vents. Close the lid.
  • Press the Plus button to set time and press Play button to start.
  • Follow the instructions in user guide for best results. 

Key Features

  • Works to kill bacteria and eliminate odor as quickly as 90 minutes. Can work for up to 9 hours for particularly damp or smelly shoes and gear.
  • Utilizes nature’s most powerful disinfectant, ozone, to help kill bacteria and viruses and eliminate odors.
  • Features an enclosed container and formed air vents to enable ozone to permeate deep inside the pores of shoes or athletic gear and the surrounding areas to help kill bacteria and eliminate odors.
  • Option to use mild heat to aid in drying sweaty or damp shoes and athletic gear without shrinking or damaging delicate materials.
  • No replacement filters or added equipment needed. Features a 1 year limited warranty.

    Product Details

    Product Dimensions: 12" W x 13" H x 14" D

                                        Holds any shoe 9 1/2" Tall

    Shipping Weight: 13lbs

    Shipping: Currently, this item can be shipped only within the lower 48 United States.

    Origin: China

    ASIN: B00U6PS8J4

    UPC: 054202612356

    Item Model Number: 61235


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