Whether or Not the Groundhog Sees His Shadow

Groundhog Day is this Thursday, February 2nd. When the groundhog crawls out of his burrow, one of two things will happen. He will see his shadow, or he will not.

Why do we care? According to the story, if he sees his shadow he will retreat into his burrow for six more weeks of winter. If he does not see his shadow, we can expect an early spring. Either way, we have still got a bit of winter left, and if you are stir crazy, you have a little more time to enjoy winter sports and exercise. Here are a few ideas for getting active outside as long as winter sticks around. 

Cross Country Skiing

Hit the trails, or find an open field. This activity promises to get your heart rate up, and make you sweat, even if the temperatures do not rise above single digits.


Enjoy the thrill of speeding down a snow-covered hill, and get your cardio walking the sled back up to the top for another go. If you have kids, add some resistance, pull the sled back up the hill with them on it.

Snow shoeing

This unique activity also makes a great conversation starter. Explore a local park while getting in all of your daily steps. 

Ice skating

If you live somewhere where the others are not an option, and you do not have outdoor rinks or frozen lakes, hit up the local ice-rink. Enjoy the last weeks of winter while working on your balance and strengthening your core.

Don't forget to StinkBOSS all your sweaty and stinky gear when you get home!