Where Does Your Favorite Team Stand After Week Four

Approaching week five, it seems football is the talk of the town. It seems like everywhere you look people are talking about one game or another, what this player did/didn't do, and of course, how their fantasy team is fairing.

Office rivalries, leagues, and pools keep life interesting, and this is only the beginning, the long road to the big game is just getting started.

As of week four, the top and bottom teams in each division look like this:

American Football Conference

AFC East

Top: Patriots 3-1

Bottom: Dolphins 1-3

AFC West

Top: Broncos 4-0

Bottom: Chargers 1-3

AFC North

Top: Steelers 3-1

Bottom: Browns 0-4

AFC South

Top: Texans 3-1

Bottom: Colts 1-3

National Football Conference 

NFC East

Top: Eagles 3-0

Bottom: Redskins 2-2

NFC West

Top: Rams 3-1

Bottom: Cardinals 1-3

NFC North

Top: Vikings 3-0

Bottom: Lions 1-3

NFC South

Top: Falcons 3-1

Bottom: Saints 1-3

Is your favorite team off to a hot start? Are they leaving more to be desired when they exit the field? The season is young, and it is too early to count your favorite team in or out of the postseason, at least for now!

All this talk about football brings up fond memories of when we had the chance to hang out with these awesome guys at the ESPY's!