When Your Kid's Stink, StinkBOSS Can Help

There's a reason we affectionately call our children little stinkers, sometimes their stuff just stinks! Whether it is their shoes, diaper covers, pajamas, some of their stuff just has a smell you cannot seem to eliminate. That is where the StinkBOSS comes in, as long as the item fits, the ozone technology will kill the odor-causing bacteria, leaving your home smelling fresh!

Moms are busy; there isn't always much time to spend working to eliminate odor. With the StinkBOSS you can just place the items inside, set the timer and get back to your busy life. Whether you are at home trying to take care of the kids and the house or you are juggling work and hauling the kids around, you do not have to worry about stink. The unit is so easy to use, that your children can do it themselves.

Some of my favorite things to use the StinkBOSS for are:

• Shoes and boots- the heat boost is great to help dry shoes and boots wet from the sweat or the snow.

 Cloth diapers and diaper covers- no matter how much you wash them, some odor always seems to linger.

 Pajamas- sometimes they have accidents in them. Sometimes they sweat through them, either way, they get            smelly.

 Stuffed animals- after awhile too much love can make their cuddle buddies stink.