What Parents Need to Know about MRSA

What Parents Need To Know

Understanding what MRSA is and how to keep your family safe is important. MRSA is defined by WebMD as kind of bacteria which can cause a staph infection. And like all bacteria, MRSA thrives in warm, humid environments, like school locker rooms and gymnasiums.

All kinds of bacteria and viruses are found on the active gear and clothing of school kids who spend a lot of their day in large groups. So it’s important for these kids to get clean and dry after a day of activity.

Known scientifically as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, exposure can lead to a serious skin infection. Symptoms might include redness and/or puffiness of the skin, which can become severe, and may be accompanied by a fever. And though rare, more serious cases can spread to organs such as the lungs, which could cause pneumonia.

MRSA Bacteria

If a person gets a cut or skin rash, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream. The immune systems of healthy people combat bacteria such as these all the time, but MRSA is a concern to medical professionals because it is considered to be a “ superbug”, which means it’s resistant to treatment with one or more commonly used antibiotics.

This makes it harder to combat than other kinds of bacterial infections, causing some people to have to live with MRSA long-term. And, where these sorts of infections used to be a worry for only those who were hospitalized, (known as ‘Hospital Acquired’, or  HA-MRSA), Kidshealth.org states that people are at greater risk simply by spending a lot of time in germy environments such as schools and college dorms (known as ‘Community Acquired’, or  CA-MRSA).

Web M.D. goes on to say that the number of head and neck MRSA infections in otherwise healthy children has doubled during a recent 5-year period.

It’s important to realize, however, as  Kidshealth.org says: “that MRSA infections are rare in teens. And if a healthy person does acquire one, a doctor can treat it.” So, it’s simply a matter of regular preventative steps as you focus on your family’s health and safety.

Those ongoing steps must of course include  maintaining good hygiene. Regular and proper washing of hands is important. Also, remind your kids to avoid sharing sports gear and towels with teammates. And help them keep their cuts, scrapes and skin rashes clean, dry and covered. And of course contact your doctor anytime you have these or any other medical concerns.

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Proper overall hygiene and safe interactive practices are the most important steps in preventing infection and illness from bacteria and viruses for anyone, especially our busy kids. And the StinkBOSS can disinfect those unwashables, kill the germs, and de’feet’ the stink they bring home with them every day.