Tips for Staying Active on Vacation

BeachAre you planning a big vacation this summer? There is nothing quite like packing your bags, going somewhere (anywhere) away from home and checking out for a few days.

It may be tempting to abandon all of your healthy habits from home while you are away, but you can still keep active without dampening your vacation fun. Of course, many hotels and resorts now have fitness centers so you could very simply bring your routine from home with you. Personally, I like to switch it up on vacation, do something I do not usually do, or cannot do at home. Many of that hotel and resort fitness centers have fun classes you can take, try getting outside your comfort zone, it is a vacation after all!

A morning run is a great way to explore the town or resort you are visiting while getting your daily workout. While you are running and taking in the area, you can take mental notes of activities you may want to come back and do later. If you are a runner and staying somewhere with a beach, you are in for a treat. Not many things feel better than a barefoot run in the sand while listening to the water hit the shore.

If running is not your style, you can always go for a walk. Taking walks and exploring helps you learn your way around. If you have something planned for the day, try walking to where you need to go beforehand. That way you will not get lost and delay your plans later. Swimming whether in the ocean, lake, or pool is another way to get some exercise while enjoying your vacation.

Another great way to get active for the sake of enjoying your vacation is to take advantage of activities that force you to get moving while enjoying everything your destination has to offer. 

Great options for this could be:

• Kayaking

• Hiking

• Zip Lining

Then at the end of the day, there is always the nightlife. Get out there and dance! Just about anywhere you go, there will be somewhere you can go and dance the night away.