Three Fitness Tips For the Office

World Health Day

Health and fitness are near and dear to our hearts here in the StinkBOSS office. We are celebrating World Health Day by helping spread tips to stay fit even if you work a job that keeps you at a desk all day.

Finding it difficult to get your steps in every day, when you spend eight or more hours in the office five days a week? You are not alone! We found ourselves having the same struggle, and have made a few changes to our daily routines to make sure our daily activity does not end after our morning workout.

Here are three simple ways to improve your health at the office:

1. Take Breaks to Move

Get a group together and do two minutes of exercise every hour, or take a spin around the office. Whether you get outside to walk a lap and take advantage of a beautiful day; or use the staircases and office corridors to get your blood flowing, it is just important that you move.

2. Walk, Don’t Call or Email

If the person is in your office, walk to their desk instead of calling or emailing. Doing so will not only help you move and get in your steps, but it will also help you to put a face to the name if you are in different departments.

3. Get a New Chair


Replace your current chair with an exercise ball - this will also help with posture, help relieve back pain, and engage your core all at the same time!