Thanks To You, We're Back Ordered

The Stinkboss team wants to say THANK YOU to our awesome customers! You’ve made our first year a success and we’re looking forward to what lies ahead. Hilary Philgreen, mom of two boys and the brains behind Stinkboss had no idea her creation would take off the way it has. She’s pleased to know she wasn’t the only mom plugging her nose on the ride home from practice.

The first Stinkboss shipment officially sold out in January 2016 and we’re thrilled with the positive feedback! Bill Self, University of Kansas Men’s Basketball Coach said, “I wish I had Stinkboss back in my playing days. A few of my teammates could have used it.” There’s been a lot of exciting things that propelled Stinkboss to this point (like meeting one of the biggest names in college basketball, Thanks Bill!). The process is moving quickly and our team is thrilled with the outcome.

How can so much excitement surround a shoe and gear deodorizer? We believes there’s more to a Stinkboss purchase than bad odor. It’s the hard work that drives the purchase. One thing Stinkboss users have in common is they’re sweating, and sweat is the outcome of work. Whether that’s finishing a half marathon, paving a road, winning a tournament, nailing a presentation or smashing a morning workout, Stinkboss consumers are making things happen. Our team loves keeping the process fresh and are humbled by your reactions.

The second shipment will be in full swing March 2016. Until then, Hilary and the team want to thank our customers for getting us to this point. And congratulate the hard work behind each unit- work on!