StinkBOSS Named #1 Shoe Dryer of 2016

An independent third party review for the best shoe dryer tested and rated eight different shoe dryers, to determine the best one in 2016. StinkBOSS came out on top because of its multi-functional uses. The StinkBOSS does not just dry your shoes; it disinfects and deodorizes them too. 

These are the features that StinkBOSS prides itself on. Using Ozone technology this product kills up to 99% of bacteria in your shoes or other gear. The Ozone generator utilized in the StinkBOSS is environmentally safe, and the heat function works to dry your gear as well. Another great perk of this product is the variable cycle time, depending on the need of the shoes or gear, cycles can run as short as 30 min or as long as 6 hours.

Watch the video the team at put together comparing StinkBOSS to the other seven units they tested. StinkBOSS is more than just a shoe dryer; it is a shoe deodorizer that disinfects all of your other gear as well. Many of the other products on the market work simply as a dryer, but sometimes your shoes need more than a shoe dryer, they need a powerful shoe deodorizer. Perfect for shoes, hats, gloves and other gear the StinkBOSS drys, disinfects and deodorizes even the smelliest gear you throw its way.