Spring into a New Routine

It is time for a new season. Winter is officially over, though some places are still feeling it is weather; and spring has begun. A new season is a perfect time to switch up your routine. I know I can fall into fitness and meal prep slump, where I find myself doing or eating the same thing all the time.

If you are finding yourself in a similar rut, use the new season as an excuse to switch it up. Set some new goals, keep the parts of your routine that you love, and see how you can switch out the parts you do not enjoy for something new. Look around for a few new healthy recipes to add to your meal prep if you have gotten tired of that same chicken and veggies you have mastered.

If you are a runner, now is the perfect time to take your run from the treadmill to the trails. If your routine requires the gym, you can still switch it up. Give some of the equipment that you never use a try, or check out a new class. In fact, if you do not go to classes at all, give one a chance. Finding ways to spice up your fitness routine will keep you from getting bored, and keep you excited about working out.

Also, keep in mind, spring brings seasonal allergies along with it for many people. If you suffer from springtime allergies, get on top of them early, so you do not have to worry about them affecting your workout.