Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaningIt is finally that time of year; springtime showers and the sun have woken up the world outside. The flowers are blooming, and the grass is green, in my house this means it is time to clean. Doing a few chores every night to maintain a clean house is great, but nothing compares to the deep cleaning we do in spring.

It is time to pull out the furniture, clean under and behind everything, shampoo the carpets, and bring your home back to life. A deep cleaning where you live and sleep is a great way to help keep those seasonal allergies under control. You may dust and vacuum every week, but if you are not getting under and behind all the furniture, you are still leaving many irritants behind. To be honest, I do not usually enjoy spending my weekend cleaning. I would rather be outside enjoying the weather or lying on the couch catching up on a weeks' worth of TV. I try to make spring cleaning fun, I open up the windows and turn on some music, once I get going the time seems to fly.

Spring cleaning is also when I flip my wardrobe, time to put away all the sweaters and boots and bring back out the short sleeves, shorts, and sandals. With all the use my gear has gotten over the fall and winter months, I make sure to clean and disinfect it all before packing it away. To kill all the bacteria and odor all my gear takes a turn in the StinkBOSS and gets put away smelling fresh and clean.