Resolve to Start Your Year Fresh

The hustle of the holidays feels non-stop; the end of the year is always a whirlwind. At the end of all this craziness is the start of a whole new year. A new year is a perfect opportunity to make changes in our habits. To break old habits, and start new habits.

Last week we talked about how to keep that ever-popular resolution to exercise. If you already exercise you may have resolved to do it more or to switch it up and add more variety to your mix. Fitness is a great resolution to make, and it is even better if you can keep it. However, there are other resolutions to make the coming year even better than the last.

Trying to think of a few other ideas? These are mine:

1. Eating healthier

I am generally pretty good at eating healthy, but my fondness for the cheat day can sometimes be an issue. This year I am going to try to have fewer cheat days, and have them when it is really worth it. I want to focus on giving my body the necessary fuel to function it is best, and keep me feeling great. A healthier diet can help to boost the immune system, right now with all those winter bugs are going around, it is an excellent time to start this habit. 

2. Making more time for family and friends

It is easy to get caught up with too many commitments and to spend too much time working. I am going to step back and make more time for the people in my life that matter more. Making time for my family and friends will show them how much I care and give me a little extra boost of happiness.

3. Clean out old gear 

Ever hold on to something way longer than you should? I do this all the time. I need to go through all my gear and see what's worth keeping, what I can donate, and what just needs to get thrown away. Those pants you bought in the wrong size because they were out of yours, donate them. Those old running shoes with a worn out soul, pitch them. Your favorite gym tee, keep it! Remember, if any of your items have that lingering sweaty stench, put them through a cycle in your StinkBOSS