Gym Bag Deodorizer: Be the BOSS of Stinky Gym Gear

You have made the resolution to take control of your physical health this year, as part of that, you have been hitting the gym hard. Almost a month in you are probably starting to feel better and see the extra holiday weight disappear. You are also starting to notice, a certain...smell.

This smell sometimes lingers wherever you keep your gear, especially in the car. If you are gym routine is not new, you are no stranger to that stink your gym gear has attached to it, but you may have learned to live with it. If you are gym routine is new, you may not be sure you want to live with this new odor. The good news is; you do not have to.

StinkBOSS odor eliminator uses ozone technology to destroy the odor of any gear that fits inside. Cycle times range from 30 minutes to 6 hours, depending just how stinky that equipment has gotten. The optional heat boost helps to dry any gym gear that goes in sweaty, and together heat and ozone work to dry the sweat and kill the smell. 

StinkBOSS is ideal for:

 Shoe Deodorizer

 Hockey Gloves, Soccer Goalie Gloves, Boxing Gloves, Baseball Gloves etc.

 Gym Bag

• Armbands (phone)

• And more!

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