Give the Gift that Doesn't Stink

Are you looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your list? It can be hard to find the right gift, you do not want to give them the same things they always get, and you want to give them something they will use. StinkBOSS is the gift that doesn't stink! Everyone has some stinky shoes or gear in his or her home, and no one wants to deal with stink. StinkBOSS is the secret to eliminating stink; the ozone power kills odor-causing bacteria, making sure you are not just covering up the smell; your defeating it.

Who would love StinkBOSS?

Athletes- Those who spend hours a day sweating, they have loads of gear that STINK.

Parents- Eliminate the odors of parenthood from your clothing and your kids.

Pet Owners- Our furry friends bring joy and stink to our homes, toss their favorite blanket in the StinkBOSS, to freshen it up.

Fitness enthusiasts- Just like athletes, they have a gym bag full of gear that reeks of all the work they are putting in during their workouts.

Anyone with and active lifestyle, or anyone with a pair of stinky shoes, we are pretty sure that is everyone. Read more about how it works, or order one today!