Get Inspired to Run a 5K

Well, did you do it? We discussed what goes into training to run a marathon back in July. Did you do it? 

It is okay if you did not, but if you wanted to, now is a good time to reflect on why you did not. Was it simply too daunting? Are you a running beginner and you just weren't ready? Do you love running, but just didn't want to dedicate a few hours to 26.2 miles?

All of these are understandable reasons. For runners who want to do a race, it does not have to be a marathon or even a half-marathon. Many charity's hold races in a 5K format. This setup allows you to run, do it for a cause, and still have the rest of your day, no significant training or recovery required.

If you are not running 3.1 miles regularly, you may still need some training leading up to the race, but it is nothing you cannot tackle with your usual daily workouts. The first and biggest hurdle here is simply getting motivated. Just jump on our Running Inspiration Pinterest Board

Once you have got your training underway, all that's left is choosing the right race for you. Of course, you can pick your race first, but for me, not having a "deadline" helps me to create a habit. Don't just run to get ready for one race, run for the way it makes you feel. All those quotes on Pinterest may seem silly now, but once you have made running (or exercise in general) a part of your life, you will not be able to imagine not doing it.

My biggest piece of advice for getting in shape for a 5K, get your mind in shape, once your mind is willing to do it, your body will take it from there.