Fresh Air Is Good For You

Shoes outside

It seems like you cannot go anywhere this time of year without seeing all the runners that were in hibernation (in addition to the few you see year round) during the winter months. Often these are not all "new" runners, they have been inside or on the elliptical the past few months, and are embracing the fresh air now. They know that there is just something different, maybe more that you get from your workout being outside instead of inside.

It does not just go for exercise, the air we breathe outside has a different effect on us than the air we breathe inside. Not to mention the benefits a little sunshine have on your mood. That is why during the winter months it is common for many people feel a sense of depression and decreased energy.

Even if you are not active getting outside away from the stale air inside can perk you up if you are in the mood for a lazy day grab a book and lie in a hammock or sit under a tree. You could pack a picnic basket and eat lunch outside. If you have kids or dogs, you know the best way to tire them out is to let them loose outside!

While you are having fun in the sun, be sure to use your SPF, there is nothing fun about sunburn!

What do you do to keep your family outside?