Don't Sweat It, Have a Fun and Safe Fourth of July Weekend

Fourth of JulyA long weekend is a great time to get out with the family for some fun in the sun. Everyone is ready to play outside, cookout, and watch some fireworks. Of course, the beaches, lakes, and campgrounds will all be full. Whatever you are doing, take the proper safety precautions to make sure your vacation stays fun.


If your family is active; you may plan on spending your long weekend kayaking, hiking, playing sand volleyball, or any other outdoor activity. Playing outside is fantastic just make sure that you keep plenty of water readily accessible, and take a little bit of time in the shade if you find the heat or the sun getting to you. Apply your first round of SPF about 30 minutes before you head outside and reapply every couple hours to prevent sunburn.


Water sports and boating are some of my favorite parts of summertime. Wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, wind surfing are all fun ways to get active outdoors. Lakes and rivers are all likely to be busier than average this weekend so be on the lookout for extra traffic. Wearing a life jacket is one of the most important ways to keep yourself safe during water sports; not only will it help keep you stay afloat if need be, but if it is brightly colored it will make you more visible on crowded waterways.


Is your dog as active as you are? If so make sure that you keep them safe in the summer heat as well. Bring something with you that they can drink out of, and ensure that you have enough water to keep them hydrated, just like with humans dehydration can be dangerous for your pup. Pay attention to their body language, excessive panting or trouble keeping up may mean that they need a break. When traveling with your pet make sure their microchips and tags are updated with your most recent contact information in case they run off and get lost.


How could you not love Fourth of July fireworks? If you are planning on setting any off yourself, plan ahead and do so safely. Make sure you have a safe place to light them, a safe distance from other people and any homes and buildings they could hit. Keep all children and pets away from fireworks at all times, even when you are not lighting them. Follow all local laws in your area regarding fireworks.


Getting away from all the stress at home is one of the perks of a long weekend. Check the weather in the days leading up to your trip, to prepare for your drive. It helps to leave during the day if you can, to get as much driving as possible done during daylight. If you are driving at night, pull over if you feel yourself getting too tired to go on. Listen to you your favorite playlist or a book on tape, but stay off your phone, keep your eyes and focus on the road. Road construction is typical this time of year, expect delays and pay attention to where workers are, as well as lane changes and road closures.