Discovery Channel and Fox 4 Kansas City

The word about the StinkBOSS sure is spreading! Last week we were very excited to be featured on NewsWatch TV on the Discovery Channel as well as on our local Fox News affiliate in Kansas City.

          StinkBOSS on NewsWatch

NewsWatch TV airs weekly on the Discovery Channel covering news such as technology, fashion, health and other interesting and relevant topics for public awareness. NewsWatch's technology review of StinkBOSS reminds us that no matter how good your hygiene if you are active, your gear stinks. Powders and sprays can only do so much to cover that smell, but the odor causing bacteria always seems to make its way back. Watch the segment here



StinkBOSS on Fox4KC

The stink of sweat is a universal problem to which most of us can relate. Whether it is your kids' sports gear or your gym bag, it stinks. The Fox4KC segment covers StinkBOSS creator Hilary Philgreen discussing her journey that culminated in her invention of the StinkBOSS. With two teenage boys in various sports, it was no wonder her car developed that all too familiar stink. She did not just want to cover up the smell. She wanted to eliminate it. Smelly gear in hand she worked with engineers and product developers at the workplace and found the solution. The distinct smell of athletic equipment occurs when the moisture from sweat leads to extra stinky bacteria. What makes the StinkBOSS unique is that uses heat and ozone to kill bacteria, killing the smell, not just masking it. Moms everywhere can now breathe a (non-stinky) sigh of relief. See the segment here

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