Clean your Football Cleats

Football cleats stink! There is just no way around it, after hours on the field, all that sweat breeds bacteria, and it smells.

If you have been dealing with stinky cleats, you have probably tried almost every solution under the sun, so you know what doesn't work. Shoe sprays, shoe powders, shoe inserts, you may have just given up, and banned the cleats from your house, keeping them in the garage, or on the porch. 

The one thing you probably haven't tried yet is StinkBOSS! The StinkBOSS uses ozone technology to kill the odor causing bacteria living in your football cleats. The ozone particles attach to the bacteria and cause tiny explosions that destroy it. By the time you take your football cleats out of the StinkBOSS shoe dryer and deodorizer, you have not just covered that terrible smell, you have eliminated it.

The heat boost function of the unit helps to dry sweaty gear as the ozone works to destroy bacteria. If your cleats are already dry, you can only turn this feature off. Cycle times range from 30 minutes to 6 hours, depending just how stinky your football cleats are.

You can become a boss today, get your StinkBOSS Shoe Deodorizer for fresh shoes and gear.