Big 12 Support

We think StinkBOSS is great, but don’t take our word for it, take it from the head coach of the number one seed team in the Big 12 Tournament. “I wish I had a StinkBOSS back in my playing days. A few of my teammates could have used it. Our team managers use StinkBOSS all the time, and say it works great on the players’ shoes.” –Bill Self

In 13 seasons at Kansas University, Bill Self has won one national championship, 12 Big 12 Conference titles, and seven league tournament championships. Those are some pretty impressive stats, and we are proud to say the man behind the success is supporting our journey.

With Coach Bill Self behind us and an epic game plan, we are hoping for a winning year (for the Jayhawks and us). Let’s check out exactly what it is going to take to beat the opposing team.

StinkBOSS vs. Shoes & Athletic Gear

StinkBOSS is in the running for the nation’s best shoe deodorizer. It is the only shoe deodorizer on the market that features a unique enclosed container to sanitize all surface areas inside and out. The game plan to utilize heat and ozone has effectively dried, disinfected, and deodorized shoes and other wearable items that produce odor.

Meanwhile, Shoes and Athletic Gear has worked a long sweaty season. With so much locked in odor, will StinkBOSS be able to eliminate the stink? There was too much money spent to just trash all that gear.

Luckily, StinkBOSS pulled through during the final half and beat the stink out of all the gear it faced.

For fresh shoes and gear, StinkBOSS IT!

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