Be the BOSS of Pet Odor

Our fur babies bring a special light to our lives; they can also bring a certain stink to our homes. Despite washing, my dog's blankets and collar still seem to have a smell to them. The StinkBOSS has been a bit of a hero in this department. I had already been using the StinkBOSS to eliminate the odors from all my workout gear, so I thought, maybe it could help with my dogs' stuff too.

It did the trick beautifully, of course, I still need to wash the items to remove dirt and hair, but the StinkBOSS gets rid of the lingering pet odor that the wash cannot seem to beat. 

Dog Items:

• Blankets

• Jackets/clothes

• Collars

• Harnesses

• Beds/bedding

Just take whichever items you are trying to deodorize, toss it in, close the lid, and set the timer. When you take it out, it will be pet stink free! If the entire dog bed is too large, just remove the washable cover and deodorize that. The smell of your pet does not have to be a staple in your home, using StinkBOSS to eliminate odors from everyday pet items can help. 

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