Baseball Season is in Full Swing

Baseball SeasonThe sun is shining, the air is HOT and baseball season is in full swing! By the end of June we are well into the season, and gearing up for the All-Star game. Mark your calendars for July 12th if you are an All-Star fan.

This all-American pastime also seems to be one of the top topics in the office and out and about everyone is sporting their favorite team's gear. You may be having a blast watching your favorite team on track for a record-setting season, you may be lamenting the disappointing play your team is putting up, or you may just be toting the kids to and from t-ball or little league.

In case you need to brush up here are the top and bottom teams in each division right now (as of June 19th):


American League East:

Top- Baltimore Orioles (40/29)

Bottom- Tampa Bay Rays (31/37)

American League Central:

Top- Cleveland Indians (39/30)

Bottom- Minnesota Twins (21/48)

American League West:

Top- Texas Rangers (46/25)

Bottom- Oakland Athletics (28/41)

National League East:

Top- Washington Nationals (43/28)

Bottom- Atlanta Braves (23/46)

National League Central:

Top- Chicago Cubs (47/21)

Bottom- Cincinnati Reds (27/43) 

National League West:

Top- San Francisco Giants (44/27)

Bottom- San Diego Padres (29/42)

Grab your ball and glove and get out for a game of catch, the season will be over before you know it! Remember, you can disinfect and deodorize all that stinky gear with StinkBOSS.