Back to School Sports

It feels like spring sports just ended, and summer camp just began, how is it already time to start thinking about fall sports for the kids? Summer is the time to prepare for back to school sports at all levels. For many high school athletes, summer camp leads right into fall tryouts. Many programs for little tykes and teens alike have already set the fall schedule.

Each season rolls right into the next, with little to no break. Sometimes it can seem hard to keep up. If you are not sure when you need to have your children registered by, check the websites for their programs often, and see if there is a newsletter or email list you can get on for reminders. Many programs now offer text alerts; these alerts are also often used to inform you if weather or other conditions will cancel, postpone or otherwise affect practices or games.

Check to see if any pre-tryouts/season meetings or camps are either recommended or required. Keep in mind, in the world of competitive sports. It is safe to assume that "recommended" or even "optional" means required.

Some programs will need a new physical each school year. Doctors offices can get very busy, so you do not want to wait until the last minute to get these scheduled. Find out if your child will need one, what type of physical they need, and get it scheduled as early as possible.

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