Athlete's Foot Prevention

WebMD says, “Feet aren't the sweetest-smelling parts of the human anatomy. Suffocated inside shoes all day, feet become sweaty, stinky, and the perfect vehicles for all sorts of tiny germs.”

These germs can live on the floors of locker rooms, showers and changing areas. “When they invade susceptible feet, they can cause a red, itchy condition called Athlete’s Foot.”

Many sources agree that Athlete’s foot presents as a red, bumpy rash and white, flaky skin, usually between and under the toes of the infected people. 

The most common extent of athlete’s foot is considered minor by medical standards, primarily causing itching and burning sensations, but any infection that causes skin irritation can increase a person’s risk of additional infection.

And who is susceptible?

WebMD goes on to say, “you don't need to be a professional athlete -- or even an athlete at all -- to get this foot infection.This annoying ailment occurs in boys, girls, men, and women of all ages.”

And agrees. “Although athlete's foot occurs mostly among teens and young adult guys, kids and women can get it, too. Any person with sweaty or damp feet are at risk.” makes the point that some people are more susceptible to the effects of the fungus on their skin, just as some people are more susceptible to skin reactions to poison ivy or causes for eczema.

What exactly is Athlete’s Foot? states that most forms of Athlete’s foot are caused by any number of types of fungi, tiny plant-like organisms, which are commonly found living in warm, moist environments like gyms, locker rooms, swimming pools, and even nail salons.

These germs thrive in dark, damp places, and warm, sweaty shoes are the perfect habitat for them. The most common cause for spread of the problem is when people walk barefoot where someone else with the fungus has walked barefoot before them. And the more active the person is, the more warm and humid the environment in their shoes can be.

So, what can you do to avoid this annoying, embarrassing, and potentially problematic infection?

Many websites that give health and wellness advice agree: Disinfect your shoes, surfaces and feet regularly. It’s as simple as that; as long as the disinfectant you’re using is safe and effective.

Of course frequent and thorough washing is important, but it’s important to realize, as WebMD says, that “Athlete's foot has nothing to do with cleanliness. Even if you wash your feet with soap and water several times a day, you can get athlete's foot.”

You need to disinfect your shoes.

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