Are you Sweatin' Tax Day?

Tax Day falls on Tuesday, April 18th this year. The good news is, that's an extension from the traditional April 15th. The bad news is, it's less than a week away. 

What exactly is Tax Day? It's the deadline for all taxes to be filed, and if you owe on your taxes, it is the deadline to make your payment. Keep your stress levels down by taking care of business before Tuesday. Make sure you have all the proper forms and receipts together when you sit down at the computer or with your tax professional. 

At the beginning of each year I find it helpful to label a large envelope with the year and stick any documents I may need come tax time in there. Keeping track of them all year ensures that I don't have to stress looking for anything come tax season. If you forgot to do this in January, play it safe and start one now. 

Beyond keeping organized to lower tax induced stress, also remember to take care of yourself. Set aside time to meditate, exercise and rest. Take a deep breath, file your taxes, and head to the gym for your favorite class. 

Taxes stink, but you're gear doesn't have to. Put that return to good use and get a StinkBOSS today.