April is National Foot Health Awareness Month

Eating healthy and the health benefits of working out are topics that are often on my mind. Foot health? That one seems to slip the radar. It can be easy to overlook the importance of foot health, after all, feet are just those funny looking things that we walk on. 

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month and the perfect time to make sure that we're taking good care of our feet. Now that you're thinking about your feet, do they ever bother you either getting sore, or issues with the nails? It is surprising how many issues our feet can have- ingrown toenails, infected cuts, fungus, infected cuts, and more. 

Wondering what you can do to prevent these issues? There are simple things you can do regularly to keep your feet healthy. 

1. Wear the right shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes that fit well can prevent unnecessary foot pain. Keep in mind the shape of your foot when shopping for shoes. If you are flat footed or have high arches, you can find supportive inserts for your shoes to keep your feet feeling great. 

2. Wear shoes in public

Be sure when you are in public places, such as the showers at the gym, you always wear shoes of some kind. It is easy to pick up a variety of foot fungi in these places, especially if you have cracked skin or a cut on your foot.

3. Trim your toenails

Keeping your toenails neatly trimmed will help prevent painful ingrown nails and the infections that can come with them. 

4. Put on lotion

Dry skin can crack leaving you open to infection. Slather on a bit of lotion after the shower and/or before bed. 

5. StinkBOSS your shoes

Bacteria killing ozone can help to kill infection causing bacteria. Use StinkBOSS shoe deodorizer on your favorite shoes regularly to keep your feet healthy and happy.