7 Things on Our Minds After Rio 2016

With the closing ceremony last night, Rio 2016 is officially over. These Olympics have been a memorable ride, and the USA gets to walk away with plenty of memories.

1. Final Medal Count

The final USA medal count is certainly something to be proud of, bringing home the most medals total, as well as the most gold medals. 

Total: 121

Gold: 46

Silver: 37

Bronze: 38

2. Simone Biles

The tiny 19-year-old gymnast that made us all fall in love. She is coming back to the states with five medals, four of them are gold. She also carried the USA flag in the closing ceremonies. 

3. Katie Ledecky

Another 19-year-old made a splash in the pool. Katie also comes home with five medals, four gold, and one silver. She made long distance swimming cool again and made breaking the world record look easy.

4. Usian Bolt

The world's fastest man breezed through the track taking bringing three gold medals to Jamaica, by the way, he now has nine total gold medals.

5. Michael Phelps

The world's most decorated Olympian says he will retire after adding six more gold and one more silver medal to his collection. If he retires, he leaves behind a legacy with 28 Olympic medals, 23 of which are gold. 

6. Green Diving Pool

No event this large scale can go off without a hitch, that green water is one we are likely to remember.

7. Tokyo

Looking forward, next time the world comes together for the summer games is 2020, and Tokyo gets to play host.