5 Healthy Snack Ideas to Get Your Through the Work Day

It takes more than just breakfast, lunch and dinner to get me through the day. I indulge in regular snacks throughout the day to avoid overeating or making poor food choices later. Portion control plays a role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but more important is making smart food choices.

Plan ahead for your day, and have a few healthy snacks ready at your desk or in the fridge, so you can have that when hunger strikes instead of giving in to the candy or chips in the vending machine. 

1. Fruits

I like to think of fruit as nature's candy, and this is the perfect go to if your cravings tend to be on the sweet side. Tossing an apple in your bag is easy. I love berries and grapes, a bowl of mixed berries and grapes will help stave off hunger and quench your sweet tooth at the same time.

2. Veggies

You can either bring them plain if you like or bring along some hummus or peanut butter to dip them in. Just try to remember that the veggie is your snack and not just a medium to get as much dip in your mouth as you can, as tempting as that can be.

3. Nuts

Get a dose of your healthy fats with roughly a handful of nuts. Some popular options are almonds, peanuts, pistachios, and walnuts. As with all snacks do not go too crazy, moderation is key to healthy eating.

4. Granola/bars

Sometimes you just want to grab something already portioned and wrapped for you. It this case a granola bar is a relatively safe option, there are plenty out there that are loaded with sugar or lacking fiber and protein, so be sure you read your nutrition information.

5. Air popped popcorn


The perfect option if you like to nibble a lot throughout the day, a few pieces here and there. The key to keeping this treat healthy is leaving out the salt, butter, and oil that often accompanies popcorn. I like to make a big batch and nibble on it over the course of a couple of days.