Pro Stock Hockey's Guide to Stench Control

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The StinkBOSS works great for stinky hockey gloves, gear or as a hockey glove dryer.

hockey gear odor control

hockey gear stench control

hockey gear odor remedysmelly hockey gear

Try the StinkBOSS on your stinky hockey gloves, gear or as a hockey glove dryer.

*Thank you to our friends at for this information and graphic. 

Are You Sweatin' Tax Day?

Tax Day falls on Tuesday, April 18th this year. The good news is, that's an extension from the traditional April 15th. The bad news is, it's less than a week away.  What exactly is Tax Day? It's the deadline for all taxes to be filed, and if you owe on your taxes, it is the deadline [...]

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April is National Foot Health Awareness Month

Eating healthy and the health benefits of working out are topics that are often on my mind. Foot health? That one seems to slip the radar. It can be easy to overlook the importance of foot health, after all, feet are just those funny looking things that we walk on. April is National Foot Health Awareness [...]

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America's Pastime is Back

Can you believe spring training is almost over and opening day is next week already? I know I can't. Baseball season is here; for the pros, for the kids, and even for you. This is a great time of year to consider playing in a recreational baseball or softball league.  Getting involved with local recreational [...]

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Spring into a New Routine

It is time for a new season. Winter is officially over, though some places are still feeling it is weather; and spring has begun. A new season is a perfect time to switch up your routine. I know I can fall into fitness and meal prep slump, where I find myself doing or eating the [...]

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StinkBOSS Named Finalist in IHA Global Innovation Award

OVERLAND PARK, KS, March 13, 2017 -- StinkBOSS, is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as one of the finalists for the New Product Showcase/IHA Global Innovation Awards at the International Home & Housewares Show in the Cleaning category, for its shoe and sports gear deodorizer, dryer and sanitizer.StinkBOSS was one of 500 entries and 65 finalists [...]

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Spring Break Workouts

While you are enjoying yourself on spring break, you do not need to abandon your workouts altogether. Whether your vacation accommodations have a fitness center or not, you can still get a workout in away from home. If you cannot get out of your room, here are just a few simple moves you can do.1. [...]

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How Are We Doing? Customer Survey

We are checking in; it is time for a StinkBOSS customer survey. We want to make sure your experience here with StinkBOSS is as smooth as possible. We spend most of our time trying to think of information that may be helpful to you or topics that you might be interested. To make sure we [...]

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Presidential Runners

Every president runs for office, but some of them keep running once they get there. In movies and on TV we often see scenes of the president running, with his full security detail. I cannot help but wonder, just how often does that happen?Being the president of the United States is a busy job, but [...]

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Don't Sweat Valentine's Day

Getting ready for your big date on Valentine's day can be stressful, StinkBOSS can help you prepare, and boost your confidence.We know it is not just your gym shoes that get stinky, your dress shoes can get smelly too. Put them through a cycle in the StinkBOSS to make sure your date does not stink. [...]

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