Adjustable Cycle Time    

The adjustable cycle time ranging from 30 minutes to 6:00 hours, is set in increments of 1:00. Press the “+” button to set the time and “-“ to decrease the set time. 

Heat Boost & De-Stink Indicator

The flashing blue led light indicates heat boost and de-stink cycle lengths. All cycles are heat boosted.  Simply press the no heat button to turn off the heat cycle and reduce your time. 

Two Shoe Formed & Floor Vents

Easily slide shoes over the shoe formed vents. Once powered on, heat and ozone reach the depth of the shoes where stink forms. The floor vents touch surrounding areas to help eliminate bacteria tracked into your home.

Enclosed Container

The enclosed container allows heat and ozone to reach all surface areas of your shoes

Easy Installation

StinkBOSS’s compact design makes it an easy-fit for your home. There is no water, attachments, or replacement filters needed; just a standard grounded electrical outlet (110v) for plug-in. An effective solution with NO REOCCURING COST!