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The StinkBOSS® Story 

Parmesan grilled chicken with a side of smelly sneakers anyone?

Driving home from a day filled with ball games, Hilary looked forward to dinner, smelling the takeout bag in the seat next to her. Then she took an ever-too-familiar whiff of sweaty soccer gear and worn-in basketball shoes wafting from the backseat, “Someone open a window!  We have got to do something about this.”

Kids playing

As the COO of an industrial supply company, Hilary began to work with engineers and product developers – all who had their own stories of stinky work boots, sports gear and foul smelling footwear.  Everyone knew the problem – so they got to work on the solution.

The wheels began to turn as the stink continued to swirl.  A year later, StinkBOSS was up and running. And the engineers had solved the problem like no one else had before. StinkBOSS is the only shoe dryer, deodorizer, and germ killer on the market with an enclosed container to reach all surface areas of your shoes, inside and out.

StinkBOSS… inspired by Stink.

“I knew I wasn’t the only mom dealing with sweaty teenagers, smelly sports gear and the odors that come from a very active family.  I’m extremely busy with work and family, I don’t have time to spend hours to get that smell out of their gear. I needed a quick and efficient fix – and I needed it to really work.” – Hilary

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